We’re a small, family-owned breeder that raises our beautiful dogs out of love and        enjoyment. Our dogs are part of our family. We a very proud of our dogs and strive to produce the best. Our goal is to provide you with a high quality, beautiful, healthy, sound, and good tempered companion that conforms to the breed standard.

Our puppies are born and raised under foot inside our home. They are raised around our children, who give the pups lots of love and playtime.  From their earliest days, our puppies are socialized and exercised through a bunch of good old fashioned fun since they play and run with our energetic kids every day.  How could anyone resist hugging an adorable puppy.

Puppies arrive to their forever homes pre-spoiled with love and affection and are very outgoing, personable, and are extremely intelligent; making them a priceless addition to any family.
Quality does not happen by accident.

Remember that each dog is not just a product of his/her parents. Each dog is influenced, both in phenotype and genotype, by all the previous generations in his/her pedigree.
We only have a few dogs so that every dog gets the time, care and attention they need.
International Olde English Bulldogge Assoc.

International Olde English Bulldogge Assoc. (IOEBA)

Call us today at :  (810)208-0139    or email us : BullishPride@yahoo.com